Codepng is a web-application that allows users to turn their code into awesome and shareable pictures.

Build with React.

#4 Product of the Day at Product Hunt on 7.11.2021


Gradientos is web based design tool for finding and testing gradients.

Build with Next.js.

#4 Product of the Day at Product Hunt on 26.12.2021


Scrollbar is a web app for creating custom scrollbars.

Build with Vue.js

320 stars on Github!


Luxhue is a desktop app that allows users to control their Philips Hue Lights.

Build with Electron and React.


Webdevolution is a personal blog focused on web developement. I write articles here whenever I feel inspired about writing and have some free time in my hands.

Build with Gatsby.

Crypto Price Alerts

Crypto price alerts is a web app that lets users to set price alerts for different crypto tokens. Once the price of the token reached desired price, it will notify the user by email.

Build with React, Nodejs, Express, Nodemailer, Goingecko API.